Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions

Insulating Additive for Paint

Directions for Use
The additive should be gradually stirred into the appropriate size container of paint.
Use One, pre measured Gallon package of Hy-Tech insulating additive for One gallon of paint or
a 5 Gallon, pre measured package of Hy-Tech insulating additive for a 5 gallon pail of paint.
(If you bought a bulk contractor package, simply measure out a 1 qt container (32 oz vol) or use a kitchen measuring cup, 4 cups = 1 QT of Hy-Tech insulating additive for each one gallon of paint.)

DO NOT try to mix this package directly into your container of paint as it will not all fit!
Get a second or larger container to use for mixing purposes.
Simply pour your paint into the larger sized container and mix in the Insulating Additive
while stirring slowly to avoid clumping of the additive.
Make sure to completely mix all of the Additive into your paint!
Always stir your paint for a minute or two prior to commencing painting if the paint
has been sitting for more than 2 hours since last used.

Note: Recommended Roller Size 5/8" or 1/2" nap.
A " nap roller cover will add a textured finish to the surface and hide a lot of defects.
Spraying: Remove all filters Tip Size .019 - .024
The Insulating Additive will leave a very slight texture to the surface to which it has been applied which will help hide defects in a wall surface. We do not recommend using on doors or trim due to this slight texture. 2 coats of paint containing the insulating ceramics are recommended to insure complete, uniform distribution of the insulating "beads"

NOTE: Your paint will thicken with the addition of the additive, If needed add up to 1 pint of water per gallon of paint to help the paint to flow better. Hy-Tech "Acri-Flow" can also be used to reduce your paint and Increase the paint properties.

SAFETY DATA: Hy-Tech Insulating Additive is an environmentally friendly blend of organic ceramic microspheres which are non-toxic. Inhalation of large amounts of this product in its free powdered state could cause respiratory irritation and a dust mask should be worn if working around large airborne concentrations of this product prior to mixing with paint. If eye irritation occurs flush eyes with water and if problems persist consult a physician.
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