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Heat Reflecting
Attic Radiant Barrier Paint

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A cost effective Attic Radiant Barrier

"Radiant Barrier Paint"

Until now the only types of radiant barriers available were foil film, metalized plastic film, and metalized "chips" . These types of barriers are installed by attaching to the underside of the roof with staples or sprinkled about on top of the fiberglass insulation on the attic floor.

There are a few sprayable paint coatings available that are sold as radiant barriers but they all contain volatile solvents which are not only hazardous to the installer but also to the homeowner as the toxic fumes penetrate down through the ceilings and into the interior. Don't be fooled by the terms "latex base", "water cleanup" as they do not reflect the true chemical makeup of the coating, read the ingredients!

Enter...HY-TECH #85 Barrier Coat
An Aluminum Pigment
Ceramic Filled
Radiant Barrier Coating
  • Water base - VOC Free - Very low odor - Non Toxic
  • Low applied cost per square foot
  • Dual protection: Aluminum pigment blocks radiant heat, the ceramic additives reduce heat transfer by means of conduction.
  • Permeable, does not trap moisture
  • Easily installed using airless or conventional air atomization spray equipment.
  • Can be brushed or rolled
  • Excellent for back priming wood and siding in new construction not only providing a superior radiant barrier but also protection of the wood from rotting due to water intrusion thru cracks and splits in the wood
  • Saves money by lowering A/C cost of operation and wear and tear of the system
  • Improves efficiency of existing insulation by lowering the temperatures that it is exposed to.
  • An Easy way to retrofit existing structures
  • Easily applied to Attic Space,underside of roof decking, side walls and overhead doors in metal buildings, Duct work, Pipes, interiors of cargo transportation vehicles, barns and storage buildings, the applications are endless
  • Due to the high reflectivity of the coating it also helps to increase interior lighting levels which aids in reducing lighting costs.
  • In buildings heated by infrared heaters, wood burning stoves or other radiant heat sources, Barrier Coat greatly improves the efficiency of the heat source reducing fuel and energy costs
  • On interior wall applications Barrier Coat  not only provides a barrier to radiated heat but also an Aluminum vapor barrier which reduces water vapor transfer through the walls, a real plus for homes with EIFS wall systems.
  • Barrier coat can be top coated with a decorative conventional wall paint without diminishing its effectiveness
  • Environmentally Friendly!
  • Barrier Coat is the ONLY  R/B Coating that is VOC Free!
    No ammonia, No alcohol, No Lead, Mercury or solvents.
  • Easy soap and water cleanup!
  • Spread rate 250-300 sq ft per gallon, two coats are recommended to insure an even distribution of aluminum and ceramics.
  • One Gallon $38.00, 5 Gallons $190.00
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