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Insulating Paints Reduce Heating and Cooling Bills

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The U.S. now consumes 76 quadrillion Btu of energy per year. This is enough energy to light one home for 20 billion years! Over half of the energy used in the average American home is for heating and cooling.
Utilizing Hy-Tech insulating paint products can result in substantial savings in both heating and cooling costs.

How much will you Save with Hy-Tech Thermal Solution Products?

Your savings will depend on many factors including, how many areas you apply the insulating coatings to, number of coats, colors used (darker colors absorb more heat), type of construction, amount of ventilation you have etc.

If you applied our products to all the areas of your home that we recommend, you will realize dramatic savings, (see testimonials), but not everyone is prepared to completely repaint their entire home or building so we suggest you start with the applications that are affordable and with the highest energy saving returns.
Recommendations: Applications are listed in the order of highest savings returned first:
If you live in a Cold Zone Area where hot summers are short and winter heating is of prime concern, this order of applications targets keeping the heat in during the winter as primary, and keeping heat out in the summer as secondary. Again the applications are listed in the order of greatest savings first.

Interior Ceilings and Walls:
Apply  #85 Barrier Coat  as a primer to the interior walls that face the exterior of the building and to the ceilings that butt up to the attic. This ceramic filled, aluminum pigment paint will provide the painted area with a metallic reflective heat shield that reflects heat back into the room and a water vapor barrier which will keep your "in the wall" insulation dry and eliminate that "Damp" feeling within the home. Next apply a finish decorative color coat of  Insulating Flat Latex  or Hy-Tech Ceramic Satin Finish  for additional insulation or use your own locally available paint and mix in the Hy-Tech Insulating additive for paint.
See how this procedure saved a Michigan customer 35% on last winters heating bills.

Exterior Walls:
By applying an insulating coating to your exterior walls you restrict heat loss through the wall and heat gain during the summer months. Insul-Flex elastomeric for cement and stucco surfaces,  Hy-Tech Satin  for all other siding materials.

In all honesty if your summers are very short and summer heat is not a big problem, our roof and attic products should be your last considerations as the payback period is quite long due to your short summer cooling requirements and that is where these products perform best.
Hy-Tech Insulating Roof Coatings  should be considered as an affordable solution to re-roofing or for extending the life of your existing roof.

In areas where Summer Heat days dominate the greatest savings are achieved by blocking the heat Before it even enters your home or attic!
Insulating Roof Coatings In tests conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, white reflective roof coatings saved up to 50% in energy costs.

#85 Radiant Barrier Paint The Department of Energy reports that "in attics with R-19 insulation, radiant barriers can reduce summer ceiling heat gains by about 16 to 42 percent compared to an attic with the same insulation level and no radiant barrier."

Exterior Walls:
Insul-Flex An elastomeric, thick rubber like coating that forms a continuous, flexible,insulating membrane on the exterior Walls. Due to their high content of specialized resins, elastomeric coatings last 3-4 times longer than conventional house paints.

( Elastomeric coatings are being marketed nationwide as "liquid type siding", "Lifetime warranty" and, "Never Paint Again" paint jobs that cost thousands of dollars. All are nothing more than top quality elastomeric coatings applied to properly prepared surfaces and the appropriate number of coats! Do it yourself and Save! )

Interior Ceilings, and  Interior Walls:
Paint these surfaces with your own paint and simply stir in the insulating additive or use one of our convenient ceramic filled pre mixed paints. This will reduce the amount of heat that penetrates down through the ceiling from the attic, and through the walls that face the exterior.

Consider This:
Hy-Tech insulating ceramic additive for adding to your own paint costs appx 3-4 cents per sq. ft. An average house requires 10 Gallons of paint for the exterior, ($105.00 worth of insulating ceramics).

What can you buy today for $105.00 that will lower your utility bills, make your home more comfortable, extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment, increase the durability of your paint And  Pay you Back, Year in and Year Out!!

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