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Why Just Paint When You Can INSULATE

Insulating Paint and Insulating Paint Additives

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Painting with Insulating Paint

Tips and tricks for trouble free house painting

General Painting Tips
Short cuts and tips to insure a lasting paint job.

Rolling Paint on ceilings and walls
How to use a paint roller with No Mess

Painting Interior Ceilings
Use Hy-Tech insulating paint to keep summer attic heat from entering the inside of your home and to help keep winter heating from escaping.

Interior Walls & Trim
Use ceramic insulating paint additives to reduce heat that is transferred into and out of your exterior walls.

Attics, Hy-Tech Radiant Barrier Coating
Reduce the heat that builds up in your attic, lower your air conditioning costs!

Tips on Spray Painting
Spray painting makes short work of painting, we show you how.

Insulating Roof Coating Application
Reflect the Heat Away from your roof with insulating cool roof coatings.

Painting Roofs on RV's, Buses, Trucks
Apply this special elastomeric, insulating, sound deadening coating for long lasting protection.

Exterior Stucco and Masonry
Reflect the heat away before it saturates your exterior walls

Exterior Wood,Metal and Vinyl siding
Add Insulation to your exterior siding

You Can use Hy-Tech Insulating Paint products
to paint and Insulate ANY Surface including,

Mobile Homes, RV's, Cargo and Transport Vehicles, Livestock shelters,
Metal buildings, Garage Doors, Water Heaters, Air Conditioning and Heating Ducts, High Temperature Pipes, Storage Tanks, Metal Gas Cylinders,
Buses, Boats and other Marine applications, Aircraft Interior Walls,
Aircraft Hangers, Roofs, Floors, Grain Silos, Horse Trailers, Hulls of Ships,
Oil Pipelines, Race Cars, Semi-Trailer roofs, Skylights, and
Thousands of other applications!!!

We Supply the Solutions
You Just Need to Apply Them
insulating paint
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