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Conductive Heat Flow

How ceramic paint blocks heat flow by means of conduction.
Conduction is the molecule-to-molecule transfer of kinetic energy
(one molecule becomes energized and, in turn, energizes adjacent molecules).
An example is... a cast-iron skillet handle heats up because the heat is conducted from the heating element, through the metal, up to the handle.

Conduction is one of the three ways that heat is transferred into and out of your home.

Lets look at a white painted wall section with nothing to resist the conductive heat flow.

stop heat transfer

See how the heated molecules from the hot surface are transferred to the cooler surface. In summer months this is heat entering your home with no restriction and in winter heat is escaping through to the outside.

Now see what happens when we add a barrier of Hy-Tech insulating ceramic paint, indicated by the lines in the middle.

heat reflecting ceramics

The transfer is now restricted due to the vacuum filled ceramic beads impregnated into the paint film. Insulating ceramic filled paints keep summer heat out and winter heat in.

How effective is the vacuum within the Ceramic "beads"?

Listed below are the thermal conductivity of some common materials.

Glass 5.00 .20
Polyethylene Foam .43 2.33
Wood (dry) .33 3.03
Cork Board 27 3.70
Polyurethane Foam .17 5.88
Air .16 6.25
Ceramic Microsphere
Total Vacuum
.004 250.00

Lower your cooling bills by Stopping The Heat from being transferred through your ceilings and walls. With Hy-Tech Products...You Can Do It !

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