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ROOFS..Must They be White?

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Many considering the application of a reflective roof coating are concerned about color. The Florida Solar Energy Center has evaluated the solar reflectance of some 37 different roofing materials, with the measured data showing that white roof materials generally exhibit the best performance. They are highly reflective across the solar spectral bandwidth, while being highly emissive in the far-infrared region--this is another way of saying they strongly reflect solar heat and any heat they absorb will readily re-emit to the cooler sky temperatures.
It may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but silver reflective aluminum paints do not perform nearly as well as a simple white coating. This is because, although the aluminum flake paints have a high solar reflectance, they also have a low infrared emissivity--they tend to hold whatever heat they absorb--negating part of the reflectance properties.

Fortunately, for those who demand non-white roof colors, it appears possible to tailor paints and pigments so they are not so reflective in the visible solar range, but are very reflective in the "invisible" near infrared region. The U. S. Navy has conducted research in this area to help develop infrared reflective coatings. Paints have been created that are twice as reflective in the near infrared as in the visible region.

At Hy-Tech we to are examining spectrally selective paints that offer the possibility of significantly increasing the solar reflectance of even darkly pigmented colors.
Tests performed to date utilizing test procedure ASTM D 4803-93 show that pure carbon black has a heat gain of 145.4... Hy-Tech Hydro Black coating has a heat gain of only 121.8. This is slightly better than a 16 1/2% REDUCTION in HEAT for a Black coating!!
Deep Hunter Green with a heat gain of only 121.1 and Tile Red are now being tested in Australia for real time energy reduction values on various roofing materials.
A full range of colors in these highly reflective, waterbase, environmentally coatings will be available to the general public soon. Please contact our technical department for details.

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