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Insulating Roof Coating

Hy-Tech Ceramics Make this Roof Paint INSULATE

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Insulating Elastomeric Seamless Roof Coating

Hy-Tech ceramic filled,insulating roof coatings are fluid applied roof paints that dry to a rubber-like, seamless, waterproofing, insulating and sound deadening membrane. Hy-Tech coatings reduce the amount of heat transferred through them due to their high reflectivity and insulating ceramics. This combination provides a thermal barrier against solar heat gain in the summer and heat loss from inside the structure during the winter.

When applied according to specifications Hy-Tech Insulating Roof Coatings provide an inexpensive solution to re-roofing providing many years of durable protection, outstanding beauty and energy savings.

Over a whole day up to 50% of the solar heat load is prevented from entering a building's coated roof. During hot weather, internal building temperatures can be reduced by over 60 F after the application of an insulating roof coating.

ENERGY SAVINGS: In tests conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, white reflective roof coatings saved up to 50% in energy costs. Savings will vary depending upon roof assembly, insulation thickness, roof area and climate.

VERSATILITY: Hy-Tech roof coatings may be applied to all common substrates and roof designs, and offer a wide range of specifications to suit individual technical requirements.

EASE and SPEED OF APPLICATION: weatherproof protection can rapidly be installed over even the most complex roof detail. Non-Toxic, Soap and Water Cleanup.

RELIABILITY: unlike many traditional materials, Hy-Tech roof coatings are free from joints, seams, fixtures and other potentially weak areas where early failure can occur.

HY-TECH ROOF COATINGS: may be used as part of either new construction or refurbishment projects, they offer many advantages over conventional roofing materials like ease of use, no expensive equipment or special skills needed.

COST-EFFECTIVENESS: since they are usually applied over the existing substrate, the removal of the failed material is unnecessary saving on tear off labor and dumping fees, there is no need for temporary roofing and, the overloading of our landfill systems is reduced which eases the burden on our environment.

SAFETY: by avoiding the need for stripping off the existing roof, the risk of falls and other accidents is reduced.

CONVENIENCE: work may be completed quietly with no offensive odors and without disruption to activities within the underlying building, so working routines can continue unhindered and corresponding down-time costs are eliminated.

Insulate & Waterproof
* Mobile Home Roofs * Metal Roofs * Built Up Roofs * Concrete Roofs * Asphalt Shingle Roofs * Wood Roofs * Barns and Animal Shelters *Buses, RV's, School buses, Shipping containers, Trucks, Vans and other transportation vehicles

Hy-Tech roof coatings save money on air conditioning, energy savings add up quickly paying you back for choosing a new-technology, energy-saving, white seamless roof system.

Of course you can always replace your roof using the same asphalt roofing systems that we have always used, high heat absorbing, quick to dry out and crack or better yet one of the newer roofing systems that rolls out on your roof in 3' strips that are glued or heat sealed at the seams creating 30-40 more potential areas to leak.

Put an end to roofing problems with Hy-Tech Insulating Roof Coatings...
Stop the heat Before it enters your attic...

Hy-Tech offers a wide range of energy saving roof coating "Thermal Solutions", all ceramic filled, insulating, elastomeric, seamless waterproofing coatings each designed for a specific roof application.
Insul Cool-Coat- Formulated for any sloped roof which allows water to run off.
Roof Guard- For flat roofs with the possibility of standing water.
PermaKote Plus- Any roof where a class "A" Fire protection is required.
Bus Kote- The ultimate roof coating for Buses, Mobile Homes, RV's, Marine and commercial cargo vehicles.
Roof Coating Application Instructions

Click Here to see examples of Hy-Tech Insulating Roof Coatings

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